Corporate Data

Corporate Data

(as of April 1, 2024)

Corporate Name HoriPro Inc.
Foundation January 16, 1963 (initiated in 1960) PDF
Paid-in capital ¥100,000,000
Head Office 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8660, JapanGoogle MAP

[Osaki Office] 5-1-18, Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001, JapanGoogle

Employees 261
Organizational Chart PDF
Trends In Financial Indices PDF
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Board of Directors

(as of April 1, 2024)

President & CEO Atsushi Sugai
Representative Executive Director & Executive Officer Akira Mori, Artist Management Div.II
Director Keisuke Tsushima, Artist Management Div.I, Visual Contents Div., Live Entertainment Div.
Director Kiyoshi Nishio, Sports & Culture Management Div., Music Div.
Director Yoshitaka Hori, Horipro Group Chairman President & CEO
Executive Officer Motoharu Fujii, Artist Management Div.I
Executive Officer Ryuta Inoue, Visual Contents Div.
Executive Officer Asako Shinoda, Live Entertainment Div.
Executive Officer Toshiyasu Naruse, Music Div.
Auditor Takao Ikehashi

Major Company Objectives

  1. Developing and managing talents, musicians, athletes, instructors, video engineers, etc.
  2. Planning and producing music, movies, plays, entertainment and lectures; providing and outsourcing such services when commissioned and holding shows, performances, etc.
  3. Planning, producing, selling, purchasing and handling copyright for radio and TV programs, online information programs, video software, commercial films, commercial songs, publications, characters, records, tapes, musical scores and other musical products
  4. Operating theaters, concert halls and sport facilities
  5. Managing and selling rights and licenses to use images, autographs, nicknames, etc. of singers, talents, athletes, instructors, etc. for goods, products and services
  6. Subrogating PR activities


Artist Management Division

From discovering and developing next-generation stars to managing various talents Having always produced stars who symbolize the times, HoriPro has a long and successful track record when it comes to discovering and developing talents, as exemplified by the “HoriPro Scout Caravan”, started in 1976. Leveraging such experience and achievements, we engage in management activities, aiming to discover hidden raw talents and polish to glow as jewels. With talents who can accommodate various needs, including actors and actresses, singers, variety talents, comedians and idols, we engage in strategic promotional activities through media, including TV, radio, movies, stages, magazines and the Internet.

Visual Contents Division

Creating high-quality video content compatible with various media Exploiting its diverse talents, experienced staff create wide-ranging high-quality video content. The Visual Content Division is involved in everything from planning to production of various video content, including commercial messages, in which HoriPro boasts four decades of experience, TV dramas, variety programs and movies. We also actively create content with the overseas expansion of the Internet and smartphone distribution in mind.

Live Entertainment Division

Providing a wealth of entertainment productions that attract global attention
Live Entertainment Division plan, produce and present various theatrical works including plays and musicals Starting from the musical PETER PAN, which is presented every summer, HoriPro Stages, works produced by our company, are loved by many fans. We have brought the great works directed by the late Yukio Ninagawa such as MUSASHI, SHINTOKUMARU, and KAFKA ON THE SHORE to other parts of the world and received fantastic reviews in London, NY, and other cities. In addition to producing our own directing version of musicals and plays such as THRILL ME, THE MIRACLE WORKERS, etc we have presented the Japanese version of major musicals including BILLY ELLIOT and MARY POPPINS and have established a unique position in the Japanese theatrical industry We are also the Japanese producer of HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, which is being presented in Asia for the first time. Our original musical production DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL, which is being presented in Korea too, is the first production HoriPro had licensed to another country.

Sports & Culture Division

Supporting wide-ranging activities involving athletes and intellectuals We provide multifaceted support to notable figures from intellectual and sports worlds in fields including media exposure, publishing, etc. Focusing primarily on management to enhance the image of critics, writers, scholars, medical doctors, journalists and other intellectuals in their areas of expertise while contributing to their main business, we engage in cultural activities to promote connections between corporations and people and among people themselves through media coverage and events. Our basic policy for active professional athletes is to create an environment where they can concentrate on playing while we deal with the media, etc. We also engage in management activities to expand the post-retirement scope.

Music Division

Providing music that will be loved throughout the ages We aim to produce high-quality music that defies the boundaries of music genres or major/indie labels. We provide all music planning and production activities, from production of music masters for artists to production of soundtracks and planning of live events. With experience in producing many hits and the ability to plan with the future in mind, we will provide music that will be loved for generations. We will also manage and promote copyright and masters and explore how best to use copyright by digitizing analog masters and music distribution.

Business Administration Division

Widely support the whole HoriPro Group The Business Administration Division strategically promotes talent, conducts publicity and advertising activities for programs and productions in which they appear, and handles general affairs, accounting, and human resources operations to smoothly and efficiently manage and operate HORIPRO in its various businesses.
It also contributes to the management strategy of the HORIPRO Group by providing timely information for business management and promoting efforts to develop a wide range of human resources.