Greetings from CEO

There is something that has always been moving and making people feel warm inside. It gives us courage and joy. It is a “deep impression”, a precious feeling that directly leads us to dreams and hopes. Impression is the best source of energy to motivate people.

Since its establishment in 1960 as a music talent agency, HoriPro has constantly strived to create number one and unique content and develop a range of businesses throughout the entertainment world under the corporate philosophy of “Human industry that promotes culture” while keeping pace with the public, through good and bad times.

However, the entertainment market in Japan has recently come to a crossroads. Further large-scale expansion of the domestic market will be difficult, due to the declining birthrate, aging population and falling economic growth rate.

Consumers now enjoy entertainment content through more diverse forms of communication such as Internet distribution and expanding mobile communication including mobile smartphones. Social media has also attracted attention as a new form of information infrastructure. It is imperative to take actions for new media.

Under such circumstances, to open up new markets and continue growing, we believe we must accelerate growth and enhance competitiveness by eyeing promising markets widely, at home and abroad, and aggressively promoting content and artists.

We must also constantly seek to expand our business in new regions and fields and find businesses that can underpin the next generation, by measures such as expanding into other growing countries in Asia, expanding and improving our Internet content and participating in the anime market.

Since its establishment, our company has always responded appropriately to the changing needs of society and people over time. As a comprehensive entertainment company that provides courage and hope to Japan and the world, we will achieve our individual business goals and boost the future of Japan and international society by creating unique and high-quality entertainment.

President & CEO Yoshitaka Hori