Stella Casting Inc.

Stella Casting Inc.

A new company founded in June 2013 that engages in talent casting, planning and producing events and mail-order business. The Casting Division plans the use of talents for programs and commercials. The Event Division plans concerts, promotional sales events for corporations, dinner shows at hotels, etc. The Mail-Order Division conducts B to C business including design and planning of products of talents’ brands and collaborative products with corporations and production of TV mail-order programs, Internet mail-order and customer management.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Tel] 03-4330-0081
[Foundation] June, 2013
[President] Motoyuki Suzuki

Hori Agency Co., Ltd.

Managing entertainment talents, models, actors/actresses, etc.

[Address] 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Tel] 03-4330-4260
[Foundation] August, 1977
[President] Takeshi Onoda

Production Pao Inc.

Managing entertainment talents, actors/actresses, etc.

[Address] #802 KI Bldg., 2-13-35 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0021
[Tel] 03-5421-2022
[Foundation] November, 1993
[President] Yoshitaka Hori

HoriPro Booking Agency Inc.

Managing entertainment talents, actors/actresses, etc.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] April, 2001
[President]Atsushi Sugai

HoriPro Com Inc.

Developing and managing actors/actresses, entertainment talents,musicians, etc.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] October, 1994
[Chairman] Yoshitaka Hori
[President] Masahiko Miyahara

HoriPro Improvement Association Inc.

Managing various culture schools and developing and managing talents etc.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] December, 2007
[President] Masayoshi Nakamura

HoriPro International, Inc.

Finding and developing globally viable talent, artists and content.

[Address] 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064
[Tel] 03-3490-3719
[Foundation] June, 2018
[President] Yoshitaka Hori

HoriPro Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Business designing company, Managing talents in digital market and commercializing them in the real world.

[Address] 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064
[Foundation] July, 2018
[President] Masamichi Yoshida

Shin Ongaku Kyokai Inc.

Sound production, planning and operating forms of entertainment such as plays, stages, music and movies

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] April, 1954
[President]Katsumi Suzuki

Taiyo Music Inc.

A music publisher specializing in managing and developing western music.

[Address] 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] June, 1962
[President]Kaz Hori

HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc.

Acquiring and developing copyright to overseas music, producing master records and developing musicians and writers.

[Head Office] 11355 West Olympic Boulevard,L.A., CA 90064
[Branch]1819Broadway,Nashville, TN, 37203
[Foundation] June, 1989
[President & CEO] Kaz Hori

Horix Inc.

Mainly planning and producing TV programs etc. Mainly directing affairs, etc., at the request of other companies while conducting operations for HoriPro.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] August, 1990
[President] Keisuke Tsushima

Imagine Inc.

Operating a Kyoto cuisine restaurant called Imagine.

[Address] 2-12-24 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo107-0052
[Tel] 03-3582-8000
[Foundation] May, 1988
[President] Kaoru Nakane

Booze Inc.

Major business is managing high-fashion female models, mainly for fashion shows, magazines and TV commercials.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Tel] 03-5435-2550
[Foundation] August, 1995
[President] Nobuhiro Mimori

Morning Star, Co., Ltd.

Providing corporations, hotels and hospitals, etc. with tailored training to encourage realization and increase motivation.

[Address] 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Foundation] March, 2005
[President] Sumiko Mori

HoriPro Foundation

Based on over half a century of experience in the entertainment business, providing educational support for students who hope to work in this industry, researching and surveying movies, music and plays, and boosting superior work, to develop human resources capable of promoting culture and entertainment.

[Address]1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo153-0064
[Tel]April, 2014
[Head Director] Takeo Hori