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"Pioneering new avenues in culture and entertainment that inspire people"

Entertainment has the power to stir the emotions and inspire hope. HoriPro was established in 1960 as a management company for singers and musicians. Since then, under the philosophy of "promoting culture to inspire people," we have expanded into many business fields, discovering and cultivating a diverse range of talent.
Responding sensitivity to the ever-changing needs of our society and people, HoriPro has continued to professionalize our business. As a comprehensive entertainment corporation, we strive to facilitate synergy and value-added enterprises between our business units and to contribute to both Japanese and global society of the 21st century by bringing dreams and inspiration to our lives.
Yoshitaka Hori
President and CEO

Corporate Data
Corporate data (as of June 26, 2013)

  Corporate name : HoriPro Inc.
  Head office : 1-2-5, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  Foundation : January 16, 1963
  Paid-in capital : ¥100,000,000
  Business Locations : Head Office       Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  Lesson Studio : Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Principal Business:

  Performance Business: Performances by personalities and musician on TV and radio programs, etc.
  Media Business: Planning and production of TV programs, films for cinema theaters and TV broadcasting, and TV commercials, etc.
  Music Business: Planning and production of original copies of musical works, and management of copyrights on musical works
  Live Entertainment Business: Planning and production of public performances of musical works and theatrical performances, and organizing of lecture meetings, etc.
  Retail Business: Retail sales of clothing and fancy goods
  Other Business: Operation of various schools and talent fan clubs

Board of Directors and Statutory Auditors as of June 26, 2013

  President and CEO : Yoshitaka Hori
  Managing Director* : Motoyuki Suzuki
  Director* : Katsumi Suzuki
  Director* : Kaoru Nakane
  Director* : Akira Mori
  Director* : Atsushi Sugai
  Director* : Yasushi Tomonaga
  Director* : Masamichi Yoshida
  Statutory Auditor (full time) : Takaaki Anzai
  Statutory Auditor : Hiromi Ono

  (Note) : Directors marked with asterisks (*) simultaneously assume the positions of Executive Officers.

Executive Officers

  Executive Officer : Keisuke Tsushima
  Executive Officer : Kiyoshi Nishio
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